Viola Bergström

Acast Open
Campaign Concept ‘Situations’
During module ‘The Studio’ at Hyper Island in May 2020, our client Acast, a podcast hosting and creation platform wanted to create an awareness campaign for their new service Acast Open. The target audience were potential podcasters who already had started thinking about producing their own podcast, and were in the stages of choosing what platform to use.
The campaign had to work both digitally and physically, and adapt to the target audience during covid-19, and a lot of people taking on new hobbies and fulfilling their dreams i.e. starting a podcast and producing it from home.

The result: ‘Situations’
Imagining yourself in a podcast situation, and where it can lead within the next years if you start a podcast at Acast Open. Primairy channels were Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Acast own app with audio edited versions with same script as written.
Comment from Acast:
“It has been a real pleasure working with all of you. You have been very responsive and creative during the entire process which we really enjoyed and in less than three weeks you put together amazing concepts and ideas.
We are really happy with the deliverables and hope to be able to roll this out/ adapt this in some way in the nearest future.”
- Madeleine Käck,  PR & Marketing Manager Acast
“Thanks for such great work, it's been a pleasure working with you and I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.”
- Sofia Hellsten, Creative Director Acast